Folded Star (Somerset) Tutorial

This is not an original pattern.  It’s old.  Older than me, and that’s saying something.  I don’t know how old it is, but it’s been around forever and has been sold at craft fairs and online.  I assume there is no copyright on the pattern; my Granny used to make it and I know it’s been in old classic quilt pattern books

You can make these potholders either of two ways; either folded and hand-stitched, or folded and machine stitch the raw edges.  If you machine stitch the raw edges, you can probably machine wash them.  Otherwise you might want to hand wash them because, after all, they are just folded fabric. 

To make a pair you’ll need:

  • 2 10” squares of muslin
  • about 1 yard of print fabric, 45” wide
  • about 3/4 yard of solid fabric, 45” wide

or enough fabric for from the print:

  • 32 5” squares
  • 2 10” squares

from the solid:

  • 24 5” squares
  • 2 scraps (over 2”)
  • 10” or more square to make bias binding (or 2” x 60” coordinating bias binding)

First, cut the 5” squares.  If you’re using the yardages, you will cut three 5” strips from the solid and four 5” strips from the print.  Fold each strip in half lengthwise and iron, then cut at 5” intervals.

You will get eight cuts per row plus a little left over. 

Next, iron down the top two corners to make a triangle.  All the raw edges should be on the bottom side.

Repeat for all the squares.

Mark the center of the muslin by folding it in half twice.  Place the scrap in the center.  This makes sure that you won’t see muslin showing through under your work.  You could use a 10” piece of the solid fabric instead of the muslin if you wanted.

Starting with a solid triangle, pin in place as shown:

Repeat with three more solid triangles, then hand stitch the tips of the top corners down.

For the next row, place a print triangle 1/2” from the center folded seam of the solid triangle as seen in the picture.  Repeat with three more triangles.

Then repeat with four more print triangles as shown below and stitch down the tips of all the points of the triangles:

Repeat with two more rows exactly like this one except solid next, then print.

Be sure to stitch down the points of all the triangle tips.  At this point, flip the muslin over and use whatever method you need to, to mark a centered 9” circle on the back of the piece.  Cut it out with a rotary cutter.  Cut out one 9” circle of batting and one 9” circle of Insulbrite.  Place the batting directly under the muslin, then the Insulbrite (shiny side out), then the 10” square of print on the back, wrong side down.  Cut away the excess and zig-zag stitch the packet together to keep it from shifting.

Either make your own bias binding from your solid (or print) fabric or use prepared binding.  If you make your own, you must cut the fabric diagonally in 2” wide strips, then sew the strips together.  Store-bought is easier but you can get the color you want if you do it yourself. 

Pin the binding onto the front of the potholder, right sides together.  Fold over about 1/2” of the beginning of the binding for a smooth edge, then start sewing the binding on, 1/4” from the edge of the potholder.  When you get to the end, continue on a little over the top of your folded-over part so it creates a clean edge.  Flip the binding over to the back of the potholder, and fold it under.  If necessary, trim excess, then sew with a hidden stitch.  Iron it flat.  You’re DONE!!